Deployment #

Each Deployment looks different but some things are equals between multiple ways to deploy. This site list some best practises todo.

Plugins #

All Plugins should be managed by Composer. If you have project specific plugins you should put them into custom/static-plugins and require the plugin then or build them into the src directory without building a Plugin. You can refer also to this Blog Post if you want to customize Shopware without Plugins.

DB-less building #

When all plugins are installed with Composer, you can use bin/ci instead of bin/console. This command does not use the Database for basic commands like bundle:dump which are required to build the Storefront / Administration assets. So in this way you can build all assets of your project once.

Building assets #

When you are building the Assets make sure to set the following environment variables:

# Disable Puppeteer Downloading
# Disable Typescript Checking
# Build only the extensions not the Administration

Composer #

There also some flags that are recommanded when you are using Composer:

  • --no-dev - Don’t install dev dependencies (Profiler, use APP_DEBUG=1 in prod / stage debugging)
  • --classmap-authoritative - Generate only the class map. Disables on-the-fly finding classes.
Enabling classmap-authoritative with normal plugins installed (custom/plugins) will introduce a lot of performance issues and with Shopware 6.5 this will be disabled on the fly. Only use this option when all plugins are installed with Composer.

Also make sure that you set the correct PHP version inside the composer.json to fetch the dependencies for the right PHP version (without using the excact same version inside your CI).

    "config": {
        "platform": {
            "php": "8.1.8"
    "require": {

Splitting Tasks #

The most intensive tasks like building assets, installing composer packages should be done in the CI. And this artifact/image should be transfered to the production server.

From there you can update all plugins by bin/console plugin:refresh and bin/console plugin:update "" on the server. And maybe build the theme bin/console theme:compile.